Renewing a British Passport in Spain

If you are British resident living in Spain, and your passport is about to expire in near future, there is no need to panic. As now, you can renew you passport without returning to UK. Since May 2013, British government has designed new policies for digital passport application. Prior to that, one has to visit Madrid’s passport processing center to get this task done.

The Hospital Centro Medico Denia

The Hospital Centro Medico Denia is  one of the reputed private hospital in Spain founded in the year of 1992. The institution is managed by Jerigugroup’s network of private hospitals of Spain. The other private medical facilities of the group include the Gandia Medical Center and Aquarium Medical Center Hospital Bonito. Three polyclinics located in Calpe, Javea and Oliva Nova is also owned by this group.   Medical Specialties at… [Read More]

The Hospital Clinica Ochoa

On the Costa del Sol, you will find the best health care unit named Hospital Clinica Ochoa, established as a private medical facility featured with all the modern medical treatments and services. The best t5hing about Clinica Ochoa is that it has been furnished with over 35 service specializing medical treatments and therapies. Above 100 highly trained medical professionals are associated with the health care unit. The unique advanced specialist units you find here are Sleep Study… [Read More]

The MQ Centre

You will find the MQ Centre is situated is situated at Reus, Tarragona. The property is owned and managed by the group involved in social care, health care and education, the great authority Grup Sagessa. Previously the hospital was known as the Clinica Fabregas, which was located in a Arabic featured building the former warehouse in the city. After the foundation of Sagessa Group by Dr. Josep Anton Montpeó Fabregas in 1998, the group took… [Read More]